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SaSiebluFox Apr 1, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Hehe! Deviant Art's April Fools "dating site" joke has paired me with you. LoL Happy April Fools! Hope you're enjoying DA if you're still here. :highfive:
DruggedToad Jul 18, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
such a fabulous plz.
just had to hahaha.
Why thank you! That, my dear, is just about the loveliest of completely and entirely paternal hugs I've ever seen.
Nothing indecent going on there, certainly...

(Is a cute pic.)

++Those sunglasses make ya seem way too cool, bro (sis?). Is terrifying and only slightly terrific.
DruggedToad Jul 18, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Mm~hmm, indeed.
What, nobody said there was anything indecent going on there! It is indeed just a warm, warm hug.
..and it's damn awesome, now ain't it.

And how fabulous is that, really.
Did you know that writing to you like this makes me feel mentally retarded?
Then again, I likely am, which would tactfully excuse the point, but..
..Well, yeah.
Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort's Warm Hug.
Har, it'd be a good sequel. Even the name wouldn't stop it from climbing to the top of the New York Times' Bestseller list. And staying there.

Fabulous indeed.
Did you know that writing to you makes me feel inarticulate and pompous?
Then again, I likely...
Listen, sis. Calm down. Take it easy. Stop writing to me if it makes you anxious.

I'd post you bad Finnish fanfics to cheer you up but I fear that they may be too bad. :3
(Also, I can't find the one where Harry makes love to Hogwarts-the-building. Or the one with the orgy feat. the big squid.)
Life just isn't worth living without 'em.
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