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[C0] Jan Makela
"I like football."

Basic Info:

Name: Jan Samuli Makela
Age: 27
Year: IV
Nationality:   American
Division: Marine
Career: Infantry

Height: 6'4 ft || 193 cm
Weight: 207 Lbs || 94 kg

Abilities | Talents:
Kinda good at football
Writes pretty fast
Proficient with Google
Fantastic at chugging big drinks in one go
Uses his mass to his advantage
Makes nice mac n cheese and fantastic whatever with tomato sauce.

Has two pen pals, one of them a "dirty pen pal"
The gym

Jan Samuli Makela, born February 7, 1989, grew up in Palmdale, CA with his parents, two brothers and several elderly cats. Jan was the middle child and the most responsible of the three which led to him often looking after his siblings. When he was young his Finnish-born father went through several periods of unemployment which, while stressful for the family as a whole, made him very readily available to his three boys. They killed time with various family projects and sports, especially soccer and softball, which Jan still enjoys. While Jan has an at least congenial bond with all of his family members, he's always preferred his younger, more rash brother to his sensitive older brother and his easygoing dad to his hardworking mother.

Jan went to high school at Knight High School and actively participated in the school's sports activities. He was initially interested in soccer and got to compete in interscholastic competitions but after a falling out with his two then-best friend left the soccer club. Jan directed his energy and excess free time towards football and quickly noticed he was better suited to the sport. During his most active sports season his eating became increasingly disordered with frequent binge episodes being followed by cutting calories and excessive exercise - a problem he never really faced but that eventually became much less pressing. Jan made friends primarily through his hobbies and as such had very few female friends until college. He briefly dated his neighbor in high school but the relationships withered largely due to mutual lack of effort. Jan is still a pen pal with the girl but their communication has lately become more sparse than ever before. 

A year after high school Jan was still very much in the planning stage regarding his life plans. He lived home, worked some odd jobs and repeatedly applied to the University of California in Los Angeles to study history, philosophy and information studies but was rejected every time. Football was still big in his life but it was overshadowed by long working hours and most of his old teammates moving and/or quitting. He decided to shake things up by moving to Kerava, Finland to his grandparents but only stayed for 6 months out of his original plan of 12 after realizing Kerava had very little to offer. Additionally, Jan felt he needed to be close to his family for support as his eating had again become more erratic, irregular and anxiety-inducing. 

After returning to CA Jan decided he needed structure in his life. His mother suggested a convenient low-cost military university to which Jan eventually applied for.

|| [+] Rational | [+] Emotionally stable |[+] Optimistic | [+] Relaxed |  [+] Confident| [+] Calm ||
|| [=] Reserved ||
|| [-] Insensitive | [-] Indifferent||

Most of Jan's decisions originate from a sense of practical realism. Instead of daydreaming he enjoys working for concrete goals. He is tirelessly dedicated to his duty but not afraid to take time for himself. While he is by no means a perfectionist Jan has standards for himself and those around him and likes to do his work at least passably well. He is a team player at heart and can lead when required but is content to follow when others show enthusiasm to be in charge. 

Jan has a deep dislike for stopping and simply thinking about himself, his feeling and his future. This sometimes leaves him walking through life like a sleepwalker simply going through the motions and not knowing how to break the pattern or look for something more fulfilling. 

Jan appears amicable and calm but keeps his distance. Emotional outbursts typically amuse and annoy him in equal measure and people who confide in him unexpectedly leave him feeling awkward. Jan makes friends by doing, not talking, and likes to get to know people by observing their actions rather than hearing them talk about their characteristics. 

Despite this, Jan has a strong sense of direct fairness. While he likes not to intrude on other people's business he is quick to intercede when he perceives an injustice. 

Likes x Dislikes : 
|| [ + ] Football | [ + ] Letters | [ + ] Finnish culture | [ + ] Coffee | [ + ] Jogging | [ + ] Rationality | [ + ] Philosophy ||
|| [ - ] Drama| [ - ] Infantry| [ - ] Shopping | [ - ] Chores | [ - ] Helplessness | [ - ] Injustice||

[ Trivia ]
Names all his sports equipment with Pokemon-themed names.
Smokes when the opportunity presents itself but doesn't usually buy cigarettes.
Has had a laser vision correction performed and no longer needs glasses.
Has a budding eating disorder. 
Considers Brandon Jacobs his idol and the best team player that ever lived. 

[ Relationships ]

Roleplay Media: *** Discord | * Skype | * Google Docs
Roleplay Preferences:  ***Lit | *Headcanon
User ToS: I'm down for everything and anything.


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Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort's Warm Hug.
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Did you know that writing to you makes me feel inarticulate and pompous?
Then again, I likely...
Listen, sis. Calm down. Take it easy. Stop writing to me if it makes you anxious.

I'd post you bad Finnish fanfics to cheer you up but I fear that they may be too bad. :3
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